Friday, 6 September 2013

ICT Lead Teacher Workshop

I have now completed my first ICT lead teacher workshop day. The best thing that I have got from today is meeting other passionate ICT lead teachers and find out what they are doing in the classroom involving iPads, laptops, computers etc.
I have learnt about some new apps such as type draw and book creator. Having useful and easy-to-use apps (particularly in literacy) was an area that I wanted to improve on and trial new apps that I can use in the classroom. I was able to look through some of their iPads and trial different apps. It was very helpful and I will go back to school with a whole new bank of ideas of how to integrate ICT into my classroom.
In future workshops I would like to find out more about how to manage iPads in the classroom, especially as at the moment we only have one iPad in each class.
I am very passionate about ICT and enjoy using it in the classroom with my kids as much as possible as they are very engaged while learning through this tool. I look forward to learning so much more!